Where do we start in reviewing this last year. 2021. Where did it go and what really did it teach us anything. To answer this we need to go back to 2020. The lockdowns, the uncertainty of Covid and realising that actually; life can be so cruelly short for some.

​Many of us were stranded in our own homes for not just days, but months, extended families weren't allowed to meet indoors and only essential travel was allowed. Some people have become ill with covid, for it didn't discriminate; and some people sadly passed away, through this illness.

2020 was very much a write off in terms of events and gatherings. And even when things began to open up, we had choices, about numbers and gatherings at events. It felt like a long time but eventually we were all able to meet families and friends, firstly outside, then in gardens, then at home; but Covid had not gone away.


Covid is still very much a wake up call, that we may still fall ill and we may still lose people. For a short while in 2020, most people realised not to take others for granted, but for how long would this care continue. Had we really learnt. ​

For sure 2021 did see more events and it felt really busy, with no real time to rest.


Thankfully, most people appeared to follow the event guidelines as they changed, and most remain responsible still with the issue of event numbers and close contact at events.


​Of course as numbers at events fell, people began to realise the benefits in terms of costs and the intimacy at events became a positive. Will this low numbers factor in the future. And if it does, how will it effect suppliers and venues.

On a personal note, we all have become more and more careful about social distancing and meetings. The advent of zoom, perhaps a life safer in terms of sanity in one respect. Hands, face, space and masks, all became the slogan. And where there was no reason to meet physically as a preacher we did not meet. Faith became a real word.


Now, to events. We've enjoyed every single event we attended in 2021. The people, the suppliers, the kindness, and even the harshest of people in the industry softened up. We've had intimate weddings in gardens. And more social events at venues. Some outdoors under a yacht type canopy with no side walls. And some in the open air. ​ 2021.