I find that an image or phrase paints a thousand words. These are images from events and weddings I have conducted. I do not seek to compete or compare  myself with any other Preacher.

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About me - Born in Mombasa, Kenya, we settled in England in the late 60's.  Our upbringing and education is very much British.  I myself graduated with an Economics degree from London. Growing up in London Diversity was something that has always meant much. People either live it for real or they say they do. There's a big difference.


After University I joined the police and served as an officer for 23 years, attaining the rank of Police Sargeant. Education and learning didn't stop in the service and the breadth of experience I gained was immensely valuable.


Focussing on training law and procedure I went on to obtain a PGCE and MA in Educational Management. A Home Office qualified Police Trainer and assessor I have also written and published extensively on policing, race relations, terrorism, police training and Human Resources at a time when race relations were poor.

Some Lay observers in the industry contend that policing and preaching are miles apart; I disagree. Both require confidence and a genuine will to treat everyone fairly. Each Preacher may have taken a different path, but that does not make them lesser or greater than another.

Prospective invitees are sometimes keen to ask what I bring to the table. Standards, professionalism, and discipline. Preaching is about faith, a love in God and humanity. I am a mere messenger in today's world trying to make this world a little better.

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