It is important to think about the questions you may wish to ask but remember a preacher is both a guest and witness at events. One cannot demand from a preacher, for a preachers role is to facilitate a message. The invitees role is to take part and listen to the message. This is so so important. In this section I will try and deal with some of the very frequent questions I am asked.

​​​​​Can we come and see you performing your role at someone's event?

​​No. The gift of inviting a prospective invitee to another's event falls upon the parents at each event, not the preacher. Personally, I don't think it is right to want to view a preacher in this way. I call it window shopping and some preachers conduct this but I cannot.

Do you have a DVD we can see of you performing your role?

​Sadly not one couple will give me a copy of their DVD and allow me to show that to others. Would you hand over a private video so that it can be shown to others not related to you.

Difficult one. Do we ask the same of preachers in other faiths. Have faith. Prayer is about hope and love.  That's how prayer is. We as humans want lots of things that we do not necessarily need. ​

What do you think about haggling?

I won't haggle. I find it disrespectful, unfair and unprofessional. People ought to understand the preperation, the pressures, the travel risks, the demand in peak season, and the very unsocial hours.​

Do you conduct silent weddings?

Peaceful weddings aren't a new phenomena. Peaceful weddings are possible but in order to do this all the factors that affect peace must be considered and everything must be done to ensure a serene environment. For further understanding do read the testimonials and consider spending a moment looking through the images on this website. The images speak for themselves as to the type of environment I create and my conduct.


I suspect some questions come from a basis of inquisitiveness, sometimes comparison, or changing times. I do ask people to reflect on the type of questions asked and demands.  A preachers role is not about pleasing everyone. It is about peace, humility and kindness. And without respect there is nothing.

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