It is important to think about the questions you may wish to ask us for sure. In this section I will try and deal with some of the very frequent questions I am asked. As a retired police officer standards and ethics are key for me. I am not into window shopping, selection and interview or comparison. These are my standards and ethics. Faith is important. This is why I ask people to read through the content on the pages here first. Look at the images on the pages and understand where I may be coming from. ​

Can we come and see you performing your role at someone's event?

​​​​The gift of inviting a prospective invitee to another's event falls upon the parents at each event, not the preacher. Personally, I also don't think it is right to want to view a preacher in this way. I would rather people research my achievements and ability.

​​Do you have a DVD we can see of you performing your role?

​​​Sadly not one couple will give me a copy of their DVD and allow me to show that to others. This key. In terms of events recordings are kind of personal. I mean, it is understandable. Do we ask the same of preachers in other faiths. Have faith. Prayer is about hope and love.


Do you conduct silent weddings?


Peaceful weddings aren't a new phenomena. They are possible but in order to do this all the factors that affect peace must be considered and everything must be done to ensure a serene environment.

What are your views on provisional bookings?

No thank you. Would you place a date in your diary that is not confirmed, Placing a date is a trememdous committment becuse it means we arent available to others and family on invited dates.

Do you provide your own music?

There are preachers who recommend their own family members or others to provide ceremony music. I do not becuase I do not have those links and I believe you should have a choice between live singers, live instrumental and DJ controlled music. Some view priest and wedding mjusic  packages as more professional as they say everything is timed; others view timed operations as too systematic.

Do you colour co-ordinate your outfits with our decor?

No. As a free soul, I choose what I wear kurta wise on the day.

Can you share with us what you are going to say in detail during the ceremony in detail?

Have faith. Be humble.

Do you say anything during a ceremony which is gender specific?

I vet my words carefully so that I can be gender neutral. I also try and avoid disprespecting other faiths or minorities.

Why did you become a preacher?


Hopefully my Home page can answer this.

What is the process of inviting you?

Pretty simple really. Call to see if I am free, we can have a brief discussion, Happy to meet during the day but only with covid specific precautions in place. Please don't ask to meet with extended numbers. Finally, an invitation.

An invitation is the most of humblest of things. If your expectations are crazy high or you are judgmental or comparing me then our ethics won't match. My first and only requirement is trust and humility.

I would not expect anyone to reserve a date for me whilst I am searching or engaging others. Committment is committment. Multiple meetings for prayer events is not something I do. Please note weekend time is premium, therefore meetings may take place during the day only and on weekdays. Not meeting will take place late evenings.

Finally, a wedding is a free flowing natural event, and that's how our forefathers visulaised prayer. And for good reason. Because prayer is about nature.  A wedding is not a Boolwood production nor is it a minute by minute planned  operation. Back to bascis. Sure these boundaries are there to protect.