Mother and Father

Twameva Mata
Chapita Twameva
Twameva Bandhu
Cha Sakha Twameva
Twameva Vidya
Dravinam Twameva
Twameva Sarvam
Mama Deva Deva

You are our Mother,
You are our Father,
You are our Friend,
You are Knowlege and Wealth.
You are Everything and My Lord of Lords.


Namaste. We are The Joshi family. Three siblings. At Darshan we pride ourselves on a family tradition that spans the last three generations of providing Hindu prayers that are creative, enjoyable and an experience worth taking part in.

​​​Faith is an integral and important part of most lives and prayer is a personal reflection of time and meditation. Our philosophy is to bring that faith to people in an appropriate, dignified and ethical manner. ​In order to do this we need to be allowed to practice our faith freely and conduct ceremonies as we have been taught. Please note: as a Preacher I am not a supplier. Preachers are invited guests.​

​When you come to us we accept your decision to marry, irrespective of any difference that may exist; and during a ceremony we try and talk through what it is you are doing and why, both in Gujarati and English.

Shlokas are in Sanskrit. Of course, prior to the event/s we will help you plan your day an understanding of what it's like on the inside; the common pitfalls and the joys. We hope you will find all the resources you need from auspicious times, to the samaghri list here. You will also find images from weddings we have conducted.


They tend to give a sense of the type of ceremony we try to perform. If you are genuine and seriously considering inviting us to conduct prayers then please do view the content of the pages thoroughly and then feel free to contact via phone or email. ​Only confirmed invitations are taken and on a first come first served basis.


Please find links to articles I wrote in my previous career as a serving Police Sergeant.


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