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About Darshan

Born in Mombasa, Kenya, we settled in England in the late 60's.  Our upbringing and education are very much British. Growing up in the city I saw so much diversity, and expereincing rural life I began to love nature and the outside.


I myself graduated with an Economics degree, After University I joined the police and served as an officer there for 23 years, attaining the rank of Sergeant. I had already learnt about the conduct of prayer and marriage but I took the decision to pursue my career in policing, where faith was so very important


Policing itself brought many challenges and experiences, which essentially developed my skills with people and life. Education and learning didn't stop in the service. I focussed on training law and procedure. A Home Office qualified Police Trainer and assessor I have also written and published extensively on policing, race relations, terrorism, police training and Human Resources.

​I am honoured to have recieved received both the long service and good conduct medal and the silver jubilee medal. Some lay observers in the industry contend that policing and preaching are miles apart; but observers could not be further from the truth. Both require ethics and a genuine will to treat everyone fairly.

W​hen searching for a Preacher it is important to understand and respect the path each Preacher may have taken. Some describe us as modern; I am neither modern nor traditional, just human.

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