Here you will find the words of people that have invited me to conduct ceremonies for them. I am very aware that invitees are interested in our ability so these are real words from real people. When you are liberated good words are received with love and negative words are thought through, but neither shall affect you. When you are liberated.

(1)  "Rajubhai, we call him with fondness. I first experienced a wedding he conducted in a beautiful country manor almost 10 years ago. I was newly married and had a very different wedding but things were different then. I still recall how serene and beautiful the wedding was conducted. He explained everything to a mixed ethnic audience and everyone was captivated with the ceremony. Each step of a hindu wedding is filled with emotion and meaning and I feel it is important for the couple to understand this and for the audience (young and old) to learn and appreciate what is happening at any given time. Rajubhai does this with a mixture of humour, flexibility (within reason) and sensitivity with a dash of individuality.

As the family has grown over the last 10 years, Rajubhai has become embedded in our spiritual journey. He has recently conducted a couple of ceremonies in our own home and the day will be cherished not just for the generation now but for generations to come. The Brahmin is so important and is present in the vital stages of our lives from birth to death. Our elders recall fondly the memories where the Brahmin was present and you in turn will recall the events to your children- that's what I mean by generations to come.

Every ceremony he conducts is always humbling and we have always come away from it with spiritual wellbeing. For those looking to Rajubhai for whichever ceremony is important to you all I say is trust him, respect him and in return he will give you a ceremony filled with love, meaning and cherished memories not just for your lifetime but future lifetimes and also not just for the day but in Rajubhai you will also find you have a Brahmin - who is a part of your family."

(2) "Dearest Rajumaharaj, ..... you conducted the traditional Mandwo ceremony for my sister S. This was the first time we had seen you perform the religious rites and were blown away by the simplicity, purity and honesty of the ceremony you conducted.....you followed on this trend for the wedding ceremony which was both beautiful and sincere from start to finish. I can honestly say over the course of only a few meetings (whether intentionally or by accident) you have taught me how to reduce the burden of ego. Thank you for treating us so well, thank you for making S and S's wedding so memorable and thank you for allowing us all to become friends. Likeminded people are not always so easy to find. Om Namah Shivai."


(3) "Wow wow wow Rajubhai, I'm not sure I'm going to find all the words I need to say what I what to say, but let me firstly start off with a huge thank you. Since I first made contact with you last summer, you have been nothing but helpful and supportive. After we spoke on the phone that very first time, I truly felt like I'd spoken to somebody very special. Little did I know then, just how important you would become in this journey that B and I have made and are continuing to make. On meeting you, my beliefs were confirmed, we'd met the right person to conduct our marriage ceremony. Someone that would make tradition modern, someone that would listen to us as well as us listen to you, someone that would help us and everyone else understand what our ceremony and union stood for. B and I cannot thank you enough for accepting our invitation to conduct our marriage. We've had so many compliments on what a beautiful ceremony it was, and a lot of that boils down to you......You've had a massive impact on both of our lives at the start of a new and very exciting chapter. Your simple and kind words will remain with us going forward and we will always try to remain humble in everything we do. Thank you so much for everything in what is now the past, on the day itself and going forward. Do keep in touch, as this is not the end but simply the beginning... All our love.."


(4) "Hello! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for conducting our ceremony on Saturday. We had so many compliments about it and how spiritual and relevant you made it to people and specifically to those who had never seen anything like it before. Thank you also for making my family feel so comfortable and relaxed. That was all down to you and for that I am so so grateful! I will send some photos through once Jermaine has finished them. I hope we can keep in touch. Thank you again,"

(5)  "You conducted the ceremony in a most serene and peaceful manner. Both my daughters had the benefit of you conducting their ceremonies and also your blessing which was a god send. Your beautiful voice echoed on the west lawn among the trees and flowers. All the guests were mesmerised by your voice. It was a very beautiful wedding ceremony. As parents our heartiest thanks goes to you for both the occasions. My parents could not come because of ill health but when they saw your video conducting the ceremony they shed a tear of happiness. You are very good and please keep it up. Thank you again."  

(6) "Dear Rajubhai, thank you so much for conducting the most  beautiful ceremony for me and D. We thank you for blessing us and wishing us the best in life. We will cherish those moments for the rest of our lives. You have become a part of our big family and I hope  that we continue to meet."

(7) "Dearest Rajubhai. Thank you for being present at all our events. I am so thankful that you were available and we could complete the circle after both my sister's weddings. The Mandvo was one of the most peaceful and warmest occasions. How all the young kids were gently involved along with so many of my friends who I count as brothers. Thank you for everything. "

(8) "We both can't thank you enough for yesterday. You really made it so special for us, everything was explained so well, for me and Amit. And all our guests said the same. Thank you so much, there was something special with you."