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It is important to think about the questions you may wish to ask us for sure. In this section I will try and deal with some of the very frequent questions I am asked. Do think carefully about what you might ask and how you ask. My only condition is respect. In this day and age some people go beyond the realms of reasonableness. 

Can we come and see you performing at an event? 

​​​​​The gift of inviting a prospective invitee to another's event falls upon the parents at each event, not the preacher. Personally, I also don't think it is the right way to engage. Those that feel this request is acceptable are free to pursue that with others. I would rather people research my achievements and ability in a humble way.

Are you happy in conducting same sex marriages?

Having practiced equality professionally and having written on race equality I feel there is a difference between saying one does and actually believing. Many will say they believe but some do not. God is open to all. I not only say this but I genuinely care to believe this.​

Do you have a DVD we can see of you performing your role?

​In terms of events recordings these are kind of personal, don't you think? It is not

right for me to ask couples for recordings. I mean, it is understandable. as recordings are often private and costly. Prayer is about hope and love.

​​​​Do you conduct silent weddings?

​​​​Peaceful weddings aren't a new phenomena. They are possible but in order to do this all the factors that affect peace must be considered and everything must be done to ensure a serene environment.

​​​What are your views on provisional bookings?

​​No thank you. Would you place a date in your diary that is not confirmed, Placing a date is a tremendous commitment because it means we aren't available to take others and families invitations. We prefer confirmations.​

​Do you provide your own music?

​​​There are preachers who recommend their own family members or others to provide ceremony music. The ethics of this is questionable. I do not because I do not have those links and I believe you should have a choice between live singers, live instrumental and DJ controlled music.

Some view priest and wedding music packages as more professional as they say everything is timed; others view timed operations as too systematic. Whoever you select for music; their professionalism and behaviour, impacts in many ways.

Do you colour co-ordinate your outfits with our decor?

​​​No. As a free soul, I choose what I wear kurta wise on the day.

Can you share with us what you are going to say in detail during the ceremony in detail?

​​​Have faith. Be humble. Time. Moment. Space.

​​​​Do you say anything during a ceremony which is gender specific?

​​​I vet my words carefully so that I can be gender neutral. I also try and avoid disrespecting other faiths or minorities.

​How many meetings do you hold with us?

​I am very much of the mentality, get the job done and get the job done naturally. I tend to hold one meeting. It is important to understand that a ceremony must be as natural as possible. Meeting after meeting dilutes the wonder of prayer. ​

​How do we invite you?

​Pretty simple really. Call to see if I am free, we can have a brief discussion, Happy to meet during the day but only with covid specific precautions in place. Don’t be offended by any answers here; on the contrary please view the answers as standards.

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